Paul Giuffrida's Page
This Midge's donor vehicle was a Triumph Herald 1360 convertible. Due to heavy corrosion not very much of the original Herald's body was left apart from the bulkhead, chassis and running gear, this was of great help as then I had less body panels to take to the dump.

 Started project in 1991 and then put on hold for a few years finally legally on the road in 1999. Sporting a home made windscreen framed with extruded aluminium channel purchased at a local DIY store.

 The oldest part of the car is the radiator surround from a 1937 Morris 8 5cwt van bought in an auto jumble for thirty pounds. The car is used on a daily basis to and from work. As you can see it's still awaiting a good paint job, I will get around to it one of these days!