David Harvey:
     I have had very few problems with my Midge since I rebuilt it. Having bought it as a total rebuild job I starting in 2009, after stripping down to the chassis. First mot was in March 2010 and we were tax exempt from April. That is when the crazy ideas started. As ex service I contacted Hope4Heroes with the idea of touring the EU as many countries as possible, the trip was successful since then my little Midge has covered 15,675 miles in total to date (13/04/2016). The first trip was 4,173 miles. I have just rebuilt the engine from top to bottom and it is running superbly, so in two weeks, setting off from Derby I'll be picking Magdalena up in Germany and will be heading to Slovakia with my Teardrop caravan in tow. From there to where I do not yet know, but hopefully back to GB for a tour of Scotland around June/July. 

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