Midge Details - SBP 230E

    My car is based on a 1967 Triumph Herald 1200 which cost £80, so you can judge it was well past its sell-by date, and ready for that scrap yard in the sky.

    All the mechanical parts from the Herald were used, and after refurbishing were fitted to a new T&J chassis, the original Triumph chassis having more holes than a string vest. The body is made from 18mm exterior grade plywood, and skinned with red vinyl over 6mm of foam. The body shop who sold me the vinyl said it was the same quality as supplied to Rolls Royce, but that's the only thing my Midge has in common with that famous marque! T&J also supplied the bits I couldn't make such as the dashboard top and the radiator grille.

    Other components came from friends, auto jumbles, local breakers and anyone else who could be persuaded to part with suitable items. The mudguards are from a commercial vehicle trailer, the aluminium from a fire engine manufacturer and the wire wheels from a TR3. Seats came from a Kit Car parts supplier. Like most Midges, it is a unique vehicle and the proportion of original parts makes it eligible to use the original registration details, giving it 'Road Tax Free' status.

    I think of the Midge as a recycled Triumph Herald, with a carbon footprint far below any new vehicle, and it is much more enjoyable to own.  
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