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Clarence Micklewright (Clazzer) tells us how he became the proud owner of Dave Everall’s Midge

    Hi all, it was about 2 years ago when I first saw this very interesting looking car on a driveway near to where I live. It had been standing for a very long time and was without any cover from the elements. I posted a card through the owners letterbox with a contact number should he be interested in selling the car - no reply.
    It was maybe 2 years later that I happened to be passing the house again when I saw a normal car on the drive as well, so I knocked on the door. Well my mother always said you don't get if you don't ask. Dave Everall was the man and the car was a Midge, his Midge. It had been standing since March 2003 and was a very green colour and looking sorry for itself. 
    A look around it confirmed that time outdoors had taken its toll on the old girl and she would need lots of TLC plus a fair bit of welding to see the road again. A deal was struck and I took home (Reta) my Midge on a car transporter.
After 3 solid months of hard graft, sweat, tears and scuffed knuckles the day came for the first drive, and guess what - I hated it! It was raining and she still had one or two teething troubles, but after a few trips and several return visits my garage we fell in love and I have enjoyed lots of trips/journeys to work since. The next job will be a re-spray over the winter months.
    Dave Everall, the builder of this car made a very good job of it and I thank him very much. But it’s now my car with my blood on it and I hope I am a worthy owner; I have and will keep on improving/changing and altering her in many ways keeping her on the road to be appreciated by all who understand what classic car ownership is all about! This car makes me laugh/smile and feel very happy as cars should. You don't have to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds of car to have enjoyment. I have found joy in the ownership of my Midge (Reta). So come on members, get your project started/finished to see what all the fuss is about and get noticed!