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Ray and Ethel
    I spotted my Midge for sale via a workplace ad in June 2014. She was built to a great standard on a 1970 Herald 13/60.
All running gear was overhauled in the build, but engine & drivetrain were pretty much original with a recorded mileage of 83k.
'Ethel' looked so good I knew right away she was the one for me. I had Triumphs in the 70's so was familiar with the oily bits!
    Builder Dave Southern had done a brilliant job.  The chassis was modified Herald so the overall length allowed a 2+2 body tub.
    The donor car's seats were narrowed 100mm and re-covered to allow room for a centre handbrake. Doors were hinged forward-opening.
    The gear-change linkage was extended to bring its position closer to hand and well clear of the dashboard lower edge.
    The bullet mirrors, triple windscreen wipers and headlamp visors lend oodles of character...she has a definite 'face'.
    Wheels are Spitfire oval-cutout steels, covered by full-size trims on purchase but I have since repainted and fitted contrasting centre-caps.
    People seem to like the colour scheme (Ultramarine over Ivory). I haven't seen many two-tone Midges, but then again they are all unique.
    The car has an extended boot rather than a dummy slab-tank. 30 litre fuel tank was home-constructed and only takes up the lower portion.
    The rearward supporting chassis extension carries the spare wheel and includes a tow-ball mount, currently disguised by the rear MOBC badge. 
    Ethel had no rain gear, only a loose-fit tonneau, so I have added a folding open-sided hood and fitted acrylic side screens for a bit more protection.
    This Midge is fitted with turning cycle wings, so the usual front cross-brace is absent. Her 'E' for Ethel radiator badge came from an 'E' series Ford.
    As far as I know standard 13/60 springs were fitted - makes for a hard ride since the finished car is significantly lighter than the original Herald.
    My local MOT tester suggested fitting softer coils, maybe lighter duty from a Spitfire, or simply adding ballast to the chassis....still undecided.
Ray Jones
Ray's Midge 'Ethel'