Midge Details - CHF 349D          'IVY'.

   Rob Shallcross writes about ‘Ivy.’ (I've added a few words JH)
  Saved from certain death, (that’s the car, not Rob) acquired during lockdown last year without viewing, Ivy had started as a 1966 1200cc Spitfire Mk2 . The brakes were stuck on, cooling system shot, head gasket gone and clutch and brake master and wheel cylinders ‘had it’ to name a few early jobs.     Seen here, pre Rob when it was red. 
   After a good clean and polish, I fitted re-built MGA 15" gloss black powder coated wire wheels in place of the original Mk2 wheels and hubcaps. Original 1930's Lucas 8" headlights, a few extras to the dashboard, badges, home made badge-bar and black Waxoyled underneath car. Still plenty to do, Spitfire seats to be repaired and re-covered in a vinyl 2-3 shades darker than the paint, which by the way was put on 12 years ago with a 5" roller. Not the best but there wasn’t enough in the previous owner's bank to do anything about it.   The Midge was originally built 30 odd years ago  Previous incarnation shown in red..
  A few more jobs done since the initial burst. I have rebuilt the Carburettors and fitted intake (ram) pipes and finished with a polished aluminium cover plate with brass and enamel S.U badge. Period tail lights to come.
 See picture below
  The MOBC has seen a few mudguard support systems. This one on Robert’s Midge has the qualification of being un-fatigued at 30 years of use, perhaps having 3 arms is the answer. Rob stepped them out by an inch when the wire wheels proved to have a wider track than the originals. As I understand it the 13” wires usually have 20mm splines but the 30mm splines on 15” wheels widen the wheelbase.The steering wheel is a quick release type for getting in when the roof is up. A convenience many of our backs and knees would appreciate. I find that ‘Suicide’ doors help as well when getting out.
  This picture immediately below was taken once the 1932 Duolamps were fitted (in place of the Spitfire ones) and the roof kept the rain off while visiting Kedleston Hall. Rob reports that the back end is now complete The Ram pipes might give a few some answers on how to deal with twin SU intakes.
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