​    Right ho folks, I've been doing a bit of calculation, (not my forte)

So that's £10 for the hexagonal
 £2 for the oval 
£12 for the pair

 I can manage Paypal and cheques, but there will be a delay on cheques while I get to the bank as the last local one has closed. 
    Paypal works better for me than cheques as I can do it from home, but it requires a bit of juggling. You'll need my email address jim@jimhewlett.com or mobile phone number 077 660 118 77. or you can ring me on 01501785206 (UK) 
Yell if there's a problem.

I'm going to discontinue the joining fee (£10) and suggest those wanting to become full members of the MOBC buy a set of badges. Facebook and the website are all open to the public if you remember to answer the questions on the facebook page 
Midge Owners' and Builders' Club Badges