​    Right ho folks, I've been doing a bit of calculation, (not my forte), I can sell the new batch of  Hexagonal badges including VAT and P&P for £7 

£7 for the hexagonal (the oval is currently out of stock)

    If possible I'd appreciate payment by bank to bank transfer, however I can manage Paypal and cheques, but there will be a delay on cheques while I get to the bank as the last local one has closed. 
    Cash is tricky to send by post although if you don't mind rounding up to the nearest note I'm ok. If you are prepared to take the risk of it being lifted by a naughty postman. 
    Bullion (ie gold not bouillon as I think that's a kind of soup)  Is ok with the same risk proviso. 
    Paypal works better for me than cheques as I can do it from home, but it requires a bit of juggling. You'll need my email address or mobile phone number which you can get from here if you remember the password. or you can ring me on 01501785206 (UK) 
Yell if there's a problem.

Oh, and you have to be a member of the club of course.
Midge Owners' and Builders' Club Badges