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This is an email we just received from National Association of Classic Vehicle Groups ( It may be of interest. I haven't adjusted it or changed it in any way, and it may not be of interest directly to Midge Owners, but...for your information....NAVG write...

The DVLA have finally admitted it...
They have banned a range of clubs and individuals who have been supplying dating letters for vehicles for many many years. read on...

FINALLY, the DVLA have admitted openly that they have indeed changed their policy on vehicle dating evidence (VDE). No thanks to the FBHVC who constantly told us all over the past six months that the DVLA had not changed their policy and who also sat back in their comfy chairs while the DVLA steamrolled over all the classic vehicle clubs and individuals who have helped date vehicles for decades. Not to mention all the trouble and strife they have caused the poor motorists who only want to get their vehicle on the road and pay tax (if applicable!). Where have the FBHVC been in protecting their own members and the classic motor enthusiasts while two DVLA departments (CCU and Central casework) have sent applications back and forth, lost applications, sat on them for months, lost driving licences, etc etc etc.

So what is the new policy?

For the DVLA to accept a dating letter (VDE) from a club or person the case is no longer simply that the person must be independent to the vehicle and competent in researching the year.

Now, the provider of VDE MUST be on their treasured V765/1 list OR the manufacturer. Unfortunately this means that if the manufacturer won't play ball or no longer exists and there is no club on the list able to date a particular marque or model - erm - vehicle cannot be registerd on an age-related plate.

Re-application - not only do clubs have the threat hanging over them (that the FBHVC could not do anything about) that if they get something wrong or forget to sign or state the right thing on a dating letter they will be struck off, during the next few months every single club on the V765/1 will be asked to re-apply to the V765/1 list scheme. This will culminate in a ridiculous gathering at Swansea whereupon club officials will be asked to sit a test on dating methods and tested on their knowledge and ability to date vehicles. We (NACVG) ask - Who will be providing the answers to these tests? If it is the DVLA then since they have all the answers and the databases to back up, why on earth don't they just date vehicles themselves and scrap the V765 scheme.

Inspection of vehicles- the DVLA are also saying that from now on, or June on, or from some time this year, whenever they get their policy right, that club officials will have to inspect the vehicles before dating them. Hang on a minute. isn't this what the DVLA local offices used to do before all 39 were closed with massive loss of employment and millions charged to the taxpayer. We ask- why is an inspection necessary? verification of the number can be done by a photograph, or - if really necessary - can be done at the MOT station. All this is doing is inconveniencing club people who do the dating and the motorists who will meet the costs involved.
Rumor has it that you will also be asked to affiliate to or join Motorcycle Action Group and other organisations to somehow bolster your legitimacy. WHY. This is strange and with no logical reason other than to add layers of complication; it is highly over-bureaucratic, even by DVLA standards.

How does this affect everyone?
MANUFACTURERS: It is a great day for the manufacturers because they will get a lot more work providing dating letters and can control timeframes and prices.
CLUBS - we strongly suspect quite a lot of clubs will drop off the V765 list and say 'why am I bothering'. All this will do is narrow the options to the motorists trying to get age related numbers.

What should we be doing about this?
It is time for all of us in this industry to ask - What is our objective?
if we are only involved to help and promote the registration and use of vehicles on the roads that would otherwise be rusting in garages, we must say no to this policy change by the DVLA...

DON'T SUPPORT IT. DO NOT ATTEND THE SWANSEA GATHERING. Write to them and say you are against the changes and wish to come off the scheme. If enough of us do this the V765 scheme will be worthless and useless.
WRITE TO YOUR MP and to the DVLA POLICYMAKERS - challenge them and ask them the following:

WHY WAS POLICY CHANGED. Why not revert to the old system and let 'anyone able' to date a vehicle quickly and easily so vehicles can be registered with minimal manpower and fuss, thus getting things legal and on the road and on the tax system.
Why do the dvla not just date vehicles themselves from their own vast databases.
When the dvla local offices were closed why weren't new measures introduced to allow independent and club dating letter providers to be trusted. Why do you no longer trust us,
Why should motorists and enthusiasts groups and clubs that are groups and clubs in their own right be FORCED to join and pay for membership of organisations like the FBHVC and MAG.

Where are the FBHVC in all this?
Write to the FBHVC and tell them you are not happy with their complacency in all this. what is the point of them and what is the point of annual membership fees if the DVLA heavies can just do whatever they like when they like to cause stress and costs to motorists's organisations and motorists themselves.

join us, write to us, support us. follow our web site.

Thank you.

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