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 If anybody has or knows of any Suzuki cars suitable for Mk2 Midgification, SJ models (410, 413 and 413 Samurai) they might be of interest to members, and could be mentioned here.
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MOBC   Mk1 and Mk2 Midge Owners' and Builders' Club

Dave Hubbard has got too much 'going on' so, sadly:-

"Midge part built kit of bits- part complete donor 12/50 Herald good engine and gearbox but no V5. Built Midge body & doors, alloy bonnet, side panels, windscreen and frame, spare wheel mount, bumper, GRP dashboard top, full dash from Dolomite(?) plus 4 MG F wheels and tyres. £300 ono.
Ring 01256 321436 (Basingstoke) or email David at   thehubbards1954@hotmail.com  for photos.           WILL NOT SEPARATE
Now reduced from £500 to £300

Mike Blows is ....
Considering selling my Midge Project, it needs full re-commissioning and most of the wooden panels need to be replaced 
Engine turns but haven’t had it running 
Chassis seems very solid 
Was built in 1990, driven July until 1992 then dry stored until around 2017 - I then got hold of it in 2018 
It has been SVA’d and comes with a proper v5 and is on a Q Plate

Really don’t want to sell it this is my 5th kit car and never sold one as ‘unfinished’ before 
But right now have very limited time (usual story, new family etc)

So what’s it worth? Anyone interested?
(I really won’t mind just keeping it in the garage until I have more time - but just figured I’d get an opinion on value)

Cheers in advance

    Don't forget to tell me when something is no longer for sale, or wanted. Otherwise we ​end up with 'cobwebs'.       ​JH
If anyone has for sale or wants any of the particular Mk1 Midge bits such as ....

Radiator surround, Windscreen, Brookland racing screens, Dash-top, Narrow chairs  Rag-tops, (fabric roofs),  side screens tonneau covers etc  and whole unfinished builds for spares or completion ..............we can advertise them here. 

    I currently have some parts including a few suspension and steering bits. Windscreen, mudguard supports, bonnet panels and dash-tops. Some thin 'skinning' aluminium and wire wheels. JH.

Whole Midges For Sale 
(Well maybe a few missing bits but essentially complete cars)
Sometimes there are more Midges for sale than will fit neatly on a single page so I have given each their own page. 
Click on the names to the left to view, or on the pictures below if I've put one there.
Midge Sales and Wanted
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​Midge Wanted
    Stuart (cassandraelk@hotmail.com) has found himself a Midge and joined the MOBC. He has introduced a friend, Peter, to the joys of Midge and not surprisingly Peter now wants one of his own. So if there are any potential sellers out there you might want to get in contact through the above email JH
Chris Herd has a MkII for sale.
Project started in 2016 using a 1993 Suzuki SJ chassis
After 4 years I’ve still not completed it so may be time to let someone else have a go.

Car starts & drives - JUST!!!
Brakes not too good so can’t drive far. Just need bleeding better I think. Just driven in & out of garage so far.

I’ve got to the finishing part of the project which my skills set don’t quite come up to spec !!!  No patience, tools or skills.
I have a pictorial build diary for anyone interested.
Just email me on:-  herd.chris@aol.com

I’m not good enough to be a perfectionist. If you are, maybe you should look elsewhere. I know you might make significant changes yourself but I hope you know what I mean.

I have the original chassis plate & logbook in my name.

Would £2000.00 be of interest to anybody? (Much more spent than that !!)

Because this is a ‘Re-body’ (no chassis chop) the V5 designation can stay as it is.​  Pictures in the summer 2020 magazine.

Unfinished Midge for sale. Hi all George Atkins has made the difficult decision to sell his Midge. 

He says
 It is over 50% finished with a lot of new parts. I am asking in the area of £3000.00
If you are interested and would like more photos or contact number please message me. I am in Devon.I'm not sure of value but, engine runs rolling chassis has been serviced, ply body new, new spitfire fuel tank, etc. Correctly registered on a Q plate. and on a refurbished Herald chassis Re built ply body new exhaust.
Many thanks
Does anybody have any late model (87) Suzuki SJ 410 Prop shafts going spare please - until I get some I'm not actually going anywhere! Thanks in advance Lin. 2468364@mail.com 
Ken Nichols has Morris Minor bonnets for sale in case anyone wants to do what Ian Redshaw is doing. His address is