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 If anybody has or knows of any Suzuki cars suitable for Mk2 Midgification, SJ models (410, 413 and 413 Samurai) they might be of interest to members, and could be mentioned here.
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 Keith Oldfield has a set of wings in France. He says....
 .....  a set of 4 kit car wings, don't know what they are off of, might be of use to one of the members, £50.. They are here in France, but could arrange to get them to the tunnel in Folkstone. contact details from Jim or on memlist

 Stuart Young has contacted me (Jim) and wrote as follows....
    My Midge is registered as a Triumph and it's make as Herald 13/60. (Seen right)
Built by me in the late 1980s before I went to college I ran it for three years until 1993. The Midge has not moved for 20 years and in addition to the photograph below I have various parts including unused side screens, windscreen, an used petrol tank, rear spare wheel mount and various boxes of spares. The hood has perished, The engine does not appear to have seized. I would describe the vehicle condition status as 'barn find'. Before I advertise nationally as 'spares or repair' would any Midge enthusiasts be interested? 
I live in the village of Pucklechurch between Bath and Bristol and 20 minutes from where the M4 and M5 meet. 
Clearly, a trailer with winch would be required. I may be able to arrange delivery.
I, (Jim), had a chat with Stuart and found the vehicle was garaged for part of that time but it was outside for 12 years, well covered but the roof disintegrated. The chassis originally well painted is unexamined and may have survived, the dash varnish is peeling but currently dry. The owner says he told DVLA that it was part dismantled and asked if it should be SORNed but they never replied so it may or may not still be registered. (Update, John Bircumshaw says it is still on the register.) Stuart's mobile number is 07980 978075 and email 
MOBC   Mk1 and Mk2 Midge Owners' and Builders' Club

Dave Hubbard has got too much 'going on' so, sadly:-

"Midge part built kit of bits- part complete donor 12/50 Herald good engine and gearbox but no V5. Built Midge body & doors, alloy bonnet, side panels, windscreen and frame, spare wheel mount, bumper, GRP dashboard top, full dash from Dolomite(?) plus 4 MG F wheels and tyres. £500 ono.
Ring 01256 321436 (Basingstoke) or email David at  for photos.           WILL NOT SEPARATE

Roof, Windscreen.
    A new member David Radford from Bristol has a black doubleduck Mk1 roof for sale (no side screens) and a windscreen for sale, Neither were used but a small preparatory hole has been made for a windscreen top mounted wiper motor (also available but probably ruined from water contamination) His original project was abandoned resulting in these spares, but he now has a replacement Midge that does not need them. He is not on the internet but can be contacted by telephone on 01179652000. The roof will have cost about £300 to buy (see addition left)
David Radford in the advert above has been thinking he might like to buy a top end Midge. The decision won't be for a couple of months but when his property is sold he'll be able to decide.  He is leaving the decision of which bits, like the roof, to sell until he has bought said new Midge. He'll be looking for very good build quality and a suitable 'type' in the V5c (Midge, Moss or whatever). So if you are thinking of selling in a couple of months then it might be worth remembering the number. He isn't into computers so emailing him won't work.
Dave Mynard says...
    I have a part built Midge and spares for sale with tax free V5 for a Herald 13/60 The Midge itself is part built in wood. Most wooden panels there. Has a diesel engine placed in the chassis that does not belong there and the chassis has been cut to accommodate so the chassis will need welding at that point but is otherwise good A Truimph Six Engine. One gearbox in the chassis and one gearbox out of the chassis Two anti-roll bars one fitted one not fitted Spare front coils blue Windscreen frame (no glass) Petrol tank looks like custom midge build 5 wire wheels One very battered herald seat One very battered hood (maybe use for a pattern) Two steering columns Front engine water tank facia And others too many to list basically one chassis and running gear and another lot of running gear for spares. Buyer collect the lot from Greenock Scotland Open to Offers
    Don't forget to tell me when something is no longer for sale, or wanted. Otherwise we ​end up with 'cobwebs'.
John’s Mk2 Midge is for sale to the highest bidder
(who must be a MOBC member for reasons that will become clear) 
John Cowperthwaite is selling the prototype Mk2 Midge H962 WBD so that he can clear the space, cash and time to continue new projects. Bids may be made earlier but the car will be available from Monday 8th January 2018 serviced, freshly MOTd and running in Clowne Derbyshire. He is looking for offers over £3,500. Any interested parties should be informed that, whereas anyone under 6’2" and less bulky than 14 stone would find it a delight to drive, taller or bulkier drivers may, due to the nature of the beast, find it a bit cramped. His son is 6'2" and weighs 13 stone and is a perfect fit! So anyone that size or less will be fine. John will continue marketing the plans and patterns for the MK2 and for this reason it is important that the car is sold to a dedicated MOBC member so that, if required, it was still available to view, by appointment, for anyone considering building one. This does not happen often, only 2 or 3 times so far, but this minor inconvenience is reflected in the asking price.  John suggests that interested parties contact him by Phone 01246 812012 for info and by email for bids.
Ex member no 21 Greg Thomson has decided to consider selling his Midge. It is still registered as a Herald and lives in Dumfriesshire.
He wrote:-
   I built my midge and have had it on the road for most of its life of more than 20 years. Last year I SORNed it. As I am getting a bit long in the tooth now I decided it was time to let it go. I looked on the internet for inspiration on how to dispose of it, and low and behold I discovered that the MOBC was still in existence, somehow I have managed to have removed myself from the communication chain. My number was 021.  I lived in Bristol when I first registered and had MOTs there for a few years. I now live in Dumfriesshire and for nearly 20 years have had Mots, the car being described as a Triumph special. I have just looked at my log book, and it is described as Herald 1200 saloon historic vehicle It is still in quite good condition but I don't have an MOT or insurance. Have you any suggestions, as I would like to see it go to a good home rather than a scrap yard. Greg Thomson
contact through jim hewlett

The numberplate is 'real' but presumably could be transferred if the car went abroad. Pictures seem to have been taken 12th June.
If anyone has for sale or wants any of the particular Mk1 Midge bits such as ....

Radiator surround, Windscreen, Brookland racing screens, Dash-top, Narrow chairs  Rag-tops, (fabric roofs),  side screens tonneau covers etc  and whole unfinished builds for spares or completion ..............we can advertise them here. 

    I currently have some parts including a few suspension and steering bits. Windscreen, radiator grille, mudguard supports, bonnet panels and dash-tops. Some thin 'skinning' aluminium and wire wheel components. JH.
Name:Andy Nineham
Subject:looking for my old Midge reg no WMT 6G
Message:Is it possible to place an add stating that I trying to locate my old Midge with view to buying it back. kind regards Andy

If anyone believes it has been exported, perhaps they could let him know.
   Adrian is selling his MkI Midge BHM 290H registered as a 1970 1200 Triumph Herald. Good condition very tidy starts & drives. Tax & MOT exempt currently advertised on Car & Classic + Gumtree for £2,850 but will let a club member have it for £2,600 to ensure it goes to a good home.
   I haven’t used it much only pottering around & went to 1 show, so time for someone else to enjoy.

For more details please contact Ade (club member) email or phone 07710 344190