MOBC Newsletters for sale by Ian Hawkins posted 02/11/2015

Hi. I have a number of early MOBC newsletters (Issues 1-6 & issue 9). I was a member back in the day and had an article published in issue 3. I came across the newsletters recently and was going to list them on ebay. However I wondered if they would be of interest to the club or members. I would only be looking for a nominal amount, postage cost plus whatever they would be worth to you. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks. Ian
you can email Jim 
For Sale and Wanted

 If anybody has or knows of any Suzuki cars suitable for Mk2 Midgification, SJ models (410, 413 and 413 Samurai) they might be of interest to members, and could be mentioned here.
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I've had an email through the club website from John Eden who built a Midge 30 years ago UNX 859G, but had to sell it owing to a lack of space. He is looking for it again. In 2015, according to the memlist it belonged to Thomas Freeman in Glasgow, but Thomas is no longer on the list. If anyone knows where it is now, could they email me or send an answer to me on the club facebook page?
I had an email from a prospective member in New Zealand about gearbox extensions. It's a pity he's not a little closer as Gareth Bennet's would do nicely. However I did contact Dave Gleed who has some like this (below). The straight one is for a Mini (old style) UNF and the cranked one for a Herald. UNC ie a coarse thread
Dave supplied me with one (£1 +p&p) a few years back and I have asked him to dig some out. If you want one, email me. Jim. I'm hoping he will find them soon (6/09/2016)  No sign yet. (23/10/16)
An offer from John Cox in North Yorkshire 
( ) 
All parts are from a Spitfire 1500cc Mk 4
2 axles / diff / front and rear suspension. 
Trunnions very good. Master cylinders good.
Steering rack / rear spring / hood frame / heater.
>>Chassis too far gone, Midge plans up the spout. <<
A job lot at £100.
Contact by email.
 Keith Oldfield has a set of wings in France ( I wonder how he's going to get back if he sells them) He says....
 .....  a set of 4 kit car wings, don't know what they are off of, might be of use to one of the members, £50.. They are here in France, but could arrange to get them to the tunnel in Folkstone. contact details from Jim or on memlist

 Stuart Young has contacted me (Jim) and wrote as follows....
    My Midge is registered as a Triumph and it's make as Herald 13/60. 
Built by me in the late 1980s before I went to college I ran it for three years until 1993. The Midge has not moved for 20 years and in addition to the photograph below I have various parts including unused side screens, windscreen, an used petrol tank, rear spare wheel mount and various boxes of spares. The hood has perished, The engine does not appear to have seized. I would describe the vehicle condition status as 'barn find'. Before I advertise nationally as 'spares or repair' would any Midge enthusiasts be interested? 
I live in the village of Pucklechurch between Bath and Bristol and 20 minutes from where the M4 and M5 meet. 
Clearly, a trailer with winch would be required. I may be able to arrange delivery.
I, (Jim), had a chat with Stuart and found the vehicle was garaged for part of that time but it was outside for 12 years, well covered but the roof disintegrated. The chassis originally well painted is unexamined and may have survived, the dash varnish is peeling but currently dry. The owner says he told DVLA that it was part dismantled and asked if it should be SORNed but they never replied so it may or may not still be registered. (Update, John Bircumshaw says it is still on the register.) Stuart's mobile number is 07980 978075 and email
    The question of the bonnet ornament was raised by Malcolm Hopwood, specifically whether he could obtain one. I think a small production run might be prohibitively expensive, but I'll see how many people would be interested. email
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