( Mk2) Midge Roadster (with videos below)
 From John C     31/01/2016
    I just received confirmation from DVLA that the MK2 Midge is fully legal and the V5c identifying it as a Suzuki based Midge MK2 'Roadster' is in the post. I believe that the Midge MK2 is the ONLY special that can currently be built in the UK with a standard MOT test and without recourse to IVA testing and can be built by any competent amateur from plans/templates for just the cost of the donor car and the wood and aluminium used in it's construction. My car cost around £1500 to build as seen. The weather equipment is on it's way and will be available as a £20 set of patterns, the material cost is under £50 and can be sewn on a domestic machine. The MK2 may not be as aesthetically pleasing as the MK1 but this is mainly due to the restrictions imposed on me by the regulations, which demanded that I designed a car around a totally unmodified chassis. What I set out to achieve and have achieved is the ability for anyone to remove the body from a car and build a 'Special' which is how I started in the 60's with those archaic donors the Austin Seven and the ubiquitous Ford 8.
...and it is4WD! 
    You can build the Midge Roadster on any Suzuki SJ model. Namely the SJ410SJ413, and SJ413 Samurai, of any year of manufacture. The Other types including the Vitara are not suitable as a donor car.

 Previously from John C and in the Winter 2015 magazine


Hi All, Just a word to let you know of the latest turn of events.
     The Midge 2 failed again but this time  just on emissions. 
 Roger  ( Mechanic friend) put in a new set of plugs and re-timed the ignition which was 'all over the place'
 The car now runs as sweet as a nut and has now passed emissions no problem.
      Unlike last time, the tester had no problem with  my re-design of the seat belt mounting points or my modified handbrake linkage. Furthermore the handbrake which had failed the last test passed with no adjustment and still locks the back wheels as it always has.
     The slight surface cracks in the walls of two tyres is superficial and  not classed as a test failure this time and the horn worked fine, again with nothing being done to it. Makes you think doesn't it?
 The car did need the discs skimming, a wheel bearing and several spring hanger bushes.
      As you may recall the last contact  I had with DVLA instructed me to have the car tested and insured and to forward this information to them along with the V627/1 application for a built up vehicle along with proof of my ID., ie. a driving Licence or passport, a utility bill in my name to verify my address and a £50 fee together with payment for 6 months tax. 
 I also had to include photographs of the conversion and a covering explanatory letter describing what had been done. (This bit still applies)
Having gained a current MOT certificate I duly phoned Adrian Flux for insurance which was completed over the phone.  They insured the car as a Suzuki based JC Midge.
 So far so good.
     My next job was to touch base with DVLA again to make sure that I had got  the details of what they needed correct.
For future reference in case you need it I phoned 0300 7906802 followed by option 1 then option 5 then option 4.
 This connected me with the "department that gives out instructions'' namely The Swansea Vehicle Advisory Department.
     I spoke to a chap called Nathen on Team 27 (!) who promptly told me that I did not need to fill in form V627/1 for  a built up vehicle as mine was simply a re-body of an existing car where just the body had been replaced with a new one.
 I explained to him the details of what I had previously been told to do.
 He said , No you don't need to fill in that form. 
Your vehicle is already registered and is not built up from vehicle parts, just a replacement body.
 Yes I said but I believe this regulation was initiated by the police because kit built and rebodied cars no longer resembled the donor car  description on the V5 and made them difficult to identify. and improperly registered cars like say a kit car still registered as a Triumph Herald would be  in contravention of the law.
'That is true but ( Because the chassis is unaltered) all you need to do is fill in section 7 on the V5c (Log Book), and change just the things that are relevant. eg; The colour, the body type,and the number of seats.
 Green to silver,  Saloon to convertible or sports and 4 seats to 2 seats.
 Include photo's of the car and a covering letter to change the make from Suzuki to JC Midge, send it back to us ASAP. You aren't required to fill in anything else and we do not require any personal identity details as the car is already registered and it is registered in your name.'
 There is no fee and no mention of an 8 point check being required that being intended for built up vehicles which apparently mine isn't now classed as.
      He told me to sign and date section 8 on the V5c and return it to  the 'Changes to Vehicles department'
 DVLA Swansea SA99 1BA.
 When I remarked that this was totally different to the previous instructions I had received he said,
 ' Well the regulations change all the time!' ( you ain't kiddin' they do!)
 So er..... 'can I tax it now then?'
 'Yes no problem' (!)
     So we now have the first road legal Suzuki based Midge MK2 Taxed, tested and insured in my name but not for me to drive because I don't have a licence due to eyesight problems. So others can drive it but not me!
 How bizarre!
 We went swanning about in it yesterday with my son driving. No hood no side-screens. Very cold. 70 in 4th gear with 5th gear still to go. Very smooth drive. Corners well. Exhaust a bit too quiet!. Good acceleration, very nippy. not a bit like it's jeep donor to drive.
 I shall wait for the return of the modified V5c with baited breath.  
 Thought you would like to know.

Construction has started!
A couple of you-tube clips of the Mk2
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