How to join. , I'm changing the system and discontinuing the £10 joining fee. If you want your details on the password protected members list (6th down on the left) send them to I'll be selling the brass badges at £12 for one hexagonal and one oval (badges and stuff further down on the left. Ideally I'd like to only sell the badges to members who actually have a Midge as otherwise there isn't anywhere to put them. The website is open to the public  and facebook if you answer the 3 questions. I can continue to send Magazine notifications to those whose email addresses I have. Other random modifications may happen over the next year or so but you can still email me and ask.
If something doesn't work you can email me or ring 01501 785 206. JIm.
    Please note that UK law has changed since the Midge was launched in the early 80's. We strongly suggest that anyone contemplating the purchase of an unfinished Midge Mk 1 project, or a car still registered as the original donor should research the matter carefully. It is our understanding that it is not possible to correctly register a Triumph or Ford based Midge in the UK without completing an IVA test (as the chassis has been modified) and it would be very unlikely to pass. Retaining the original car registration after modification and body change is not an option, so it is ESSENTIAL to research it very carefully! 

  The Suzuki based Midge Mk 2 does not have this problem (the chassis is not modified) and can be completed and registered as a body change.
MOBC   Mk1 and Mk2 Midge Owners' and Builders' Club

Data protection. Please read this before submitting an application form.

    We store members details when they apply so that we can send magazines and facilitate members communicating with each other. The details asked for are;
postal address
email address
phone number
car registration
donor type

If you don't want any parts of that available to the club members then don't fill that part in. 

I will need your email address if you want notification of new magazines but I can delete it from the data available to other members. 

The facebook side of things is quite separate from club data storage and is the responsibility of you and facebook