Midge Owners' and Builders' Club

Gateway to MOBC members' own Pages
These used to be a feature of the old website. If yours has gone send me some new words and pictures and I'll rebuild it. 
Some members take lots of pictures and write up descriptions of their Midges. Some even get an article in a MOBC quarterly Magazine. 

Be the envy of your friend.

Emphasise your existence and that of your Midge for as long as the internet exists. Lots of internet pages exist long after the subject is rust, (cars) or dust (humans). Go on, fight entropy, defy time, A Midge still lives when somebody reads its numberplate.

Get a few photos and a few words together showing history highlights, constructional details, suicide attempts and how you got your bad back. 

I have started making pages for individual members and their cars with links on the left, in much the same way as the photo gallery was on the earlier MrSite pages. It is going to take a long time, but I confess to finding it difficult to adjust pages with the MrSite software. Many members will have moved on, or made progress with their Midges, So I shall 'upgrade' the members pages as I can, when I've either identified the car and owner, as new material comes in or when asked. Some of the individual pages were linked to old MrSite pages and have lost their integrity (that means bits of them have fallen out and so the page won't load) If it seems a bit random it probably is. Jim.