Midge Owners' and Builders' Club
MOBC Membership list. Not for public dissemination, advertising or mass mailing. Click on one of the icons below.
  Owing to the data protection law changes I have reduced the amount of data stored, essentially by removing the first line of the address. This was comparatively simple. 

  I shall shortly be reducing some of the other details according to individual wishes and particular bits of law. 

  My apologies for the inconvenience, you will still be able to contact each other by email or phone.

  Members will be able to get more details, where appropriate, from me. 

  There will be therefore much more frequent and regular password changes as required by law. 

  Members who forget the password can contact me for a re-issue Email is probably best for that, but if it is urgent you can phone, ideally in office hours. 

  If it is very urgent I am usually in.
  One of the new GDPR clauses tightens up on how long I can keep details on ex members.
  As there is no annual fee there is no way of knowing who has moved, lost interest, disappeared or gone to the great scrap-yard in the sky, so after 5 years of no contact I will have to delete those details. Access to the website is still available but the password to the members list will expire when the Magazine notification changes it. 

  I will reinstate any members (who find themselves disconnected) with no charge and not even a grumble.

  My apologies for the inconvenience brought about by government over-reaction to data held by much larger organisations and potentially accessed by a few of criminal intent.
New passwords will be issued (when needed) in the magazine notification email

Joined before Dec 2020               Joined after Jan 2020
​or rejoined

Because the software cannot operate on more than one page in certain devices I've split the membership list into those joining before Dec 2019 and after. The information will now be in xlsx (Windows Microsoft format). Other computers and devices should be able to work with that, but email me hewlett@phonecoop.coop if you have a device that can't handle it.