So that you can receive Newsletters, notifications and messages from the club we'll need your Full Name, address, including postcode, email address, phone number  and the registration number of your Midge if you have one, and the type of donor car (1300 Herald, 1500 Spitfire, 1300 Ford Escort etc) 
    It would be helpful if you could include a photograph of the car so that we can put it on the members' cars page. 

This is a club rather than a professional organisation, anybody can help, in fact if you have looked at my attempts at web pages, you might think it's getting urgent.

Finally, if any other pages than the membership list come up needing a password email me and I'll cancel it, it seems to be an inherent bug that I hope will be fixed soon.
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If you are looking for the facebook page (on facebook, not this website) and want to join, remember to fill out the 3 questions. If you can't find the questions try  Jim.   

 Facebook and website access is free.
About the Club.

   Welcome to the home page of the Midge Owners and Builders Club. The organisers are volunteers, and all income received is used for the benefit of Club members. The club consists of people from all walks of life, and aims to be a source of information and interest for those who are owners, builders, buyers or enthusiasts of the Midge car designed by John Cowperthwaite. 
    This home page is , The domain is now directed here, if your computer pulls up the old home page I've left instructions there how to get back here which used to be called but there's not much point in duplicating that information here. 
What is a Midge?
    The Midge was designed by John Cowperthwaite, who ran JC Auto Patterns of Sheffield and also designed a Lotus Seven styled kit car called the Locust and the Moss range of kit cars. The Midge first appeared in 1985 as a home built car that could be constructed from a set of plans using the majority of the mechanical components from a Triumph Herald, Vitesse or Spitfire. An alternative donor car was a Ford Escort, but Ford Midges are comparatively rare as they required a special chassis. The project was passed on to T&J of Rotherham, followed by White Rose of Kent. When White Rose ceased trading, the Midge plans and manufacturing rights were purchased by the Midge Owners and Builders Club. 
    Various interested parties, such as insurance companies, aren’t too keen on the term ‘Kit Car’ so the club has decided to use the term re-bodied. Midges are not a kit as such. The term Coach-built seemed rather pretentious although not entirely inaccurate
    The Triumph based Midge is constructed on a modified Herald, Spitfire or Vitesse Chassis. The bodywork is constructed from materials including marine plywood and sheet aluminium. The plans are used to cut out the bodywork and with the help of the build manual, a Midge can be completed for around £2000 plus the cost of the donor car. The final cost depends on the mechanical condition of the donor, where the builder sources his parts, and the authenticity he wishes to incorporate. For instance a set of wire wheels look great, but the original Triumph steel wheels are quite serviceable. 

    Potential builders should also note that because the original chassis is modified by removing the front and rear outriggers and making other adjustments the car falls under the UK IVA regulations so some allowance should be made for these requirements. There is an advisory note at the bottom of "how do I join" on the left hand menu. For the enthusiast who wishes to build one of these cars, it is easier to purchase a Midge requiring restoration, but which is correctly registered with the DVLA. 
  The Mk2 Midge is based on 4 wheel drive Suzuki SJ models 410, 413 and 413 Samurai and does not require chassis modification. There's a picture of a Mk2 Roadster at the bottom of the page.
    The Midge Owners and Builders Club is web based and is able to provide technical advice and support to members. It has around 110 members mostly in the UK but stretching into countries including France, Italy, South Africa, Netherlands and Australasia. Club membership is just £10 for a one-off Registration Fee so it is very good value for money in my humble.
    For this you will receive a regular Newsletter, free technical advice and prior information about Midges for sale and wanted. 
    There is a Facebook page which members can join. It's a closed group which keeps out the public, and if you can stand facebook it has useful facets.
      Some members arrange the occasional get together at Car shows and visits to places of interest in the UK. Although Planetary Secretary, I'm in Scotland which restricts my options.

    How do I join? Hint: top left and down one.

    Where to get the Construction Plans and build Manual for a Mk1 or the NEW MK2?​ 
    Answer: Call me, I've got John's number. There may be an unfinished one for sale

    How I can I find out about Midges for sale and wanted, or post an advert on the     Website? Hint: same as previous but a bit further down ('sales and wants').

    ​Does anybody else know my dreadful secret?  
    Answer: Yes

    Who can I talk to? 
    Answer: probably the best bet is email me, and we'll see what we can do.

What are you waiting for? - Why not join today?

    My apologies to those Non English speaking Midge owners outside the UK. It is difficult being international and multi lingual. If you have an enquiry please email it in your own language, and if you can, add a translation from or similar.

Mes excuses à ceux non Anglais parler Midge propriétaires en dehors du Royaume-Uni. Il est difficile d'être multilingue et multi internationale . Si vous avez une question s'il vous plaît écrivez- le dans votre propre langue , et si vous pouvez ajouter une traduction à partir ou similaire qui aiderait .

Ich entschuldige mich für diese Nicht englischsprachigen Midge Besitzer außerhalb Großbritanniens . Es ist schwierig, dass internationale und mehrsprachige . Wenn Sie eine Anfrage haben, mailen Sie es in Ihrer eigenen Sprache , und wenn Sie eine Übersetzung aus oder ähnliche hinzuzufügen , die helfen würden.

MOBC   Mk1 and Mk2 Midge Owners' and Builders' Club
The ever hungry monster that is the club magazine will require feeding. Just 400 to 500 words with a couple of pictures will fill a page. Even 50 words and a picture will get you immortalised in the archives (painlessly) and make you the envy of your friend. Punctuation, translation and spell-check available free!

Remember to have a look at the sales and wants page. 
 The picture to the left is of John Cowperthwaite who is solely responsible for the original Midge design and the Mk2 which you see beside him. If you want to build one of them I can forward requests to him.
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It should be noted that is now very difficult to get a 'new' Mk1 onto the road legally  although the plans are available from John, The Mk2 is much easier. And there's an unfinished one for sale. (Sales and Wants)
Responding to several enquiries I should point out that the offer 'if you want to build one' refers to the Mk2 Midge, not John.
  Owing to the data protection law changes I have reduced the amount of data stored, essentially by removing the first line of the address. This was comparatively simple. 

  I shall shortly be reducing some of the other details according to individual wishes and particular bits of law. 

  My apologies for the inconvenience, you will still be able to contact each other by email or phone.

  Members will be able to get more details, where appropriate, from me. 

  A new password will be issued by email with each magazine notification.

  There will be therefore much more frequent and regular password changes as required by law. 

  Members who forget the password can contact me for a re-issue Email is probably best for that, but if it is urgent you can phone, ideally in office hours. 

  If it is very urgent I am usually in.
  One of the new GDPR clauses tightens up on how long I can keep details on ex members.
  As there is no annual fee there is no way of knowing who has moved, lost interest, disappeared or gone to the great scrap-yard in the sky, so after 5 years of no contact I will have to delete those details. Access to the website is still available but the password to the members list will expire when the Magazine notification changes it. 

  I will reinstate any members (who find themselves disconnected) with no charge and not even a grumble.

  My apologies for the inconvenience brought about by government over-reaction to data held by much larger organisations and potentially accessed by a few of criminal intent.