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Chris Herd has a MkII for sale.
Project started in 2016 using a 1993 Suzuki SJ chassis
After 4 years I’ve still not completed it so may be time to let someone else have a go.

Car starts & drives - JUST!!!
Brakes not too good so can’t drive far. Just need bleeding better I think. Just driven in & out of garage so far.

I’ve got to the finishing part of the project which my skills set don’t quite come up to spec !!!  No patience, tools or skills.
I have a pictorial build diary for anyone interested.
Just email me on:-

I’m not good enough to be a perfectionist. If you are, maybe you should look elsewhere. I know you might make significant changes yourself but I hope you know what I mean.

I have the original chassis plate & logbook in my name.

Would £2000.00 be of interest to anybody? (Much more spent than that !!)

Because this is a ‘Re-body’ (no chassis chop) the V5 designation can stay as it is.​  Pictures in the summer 2020 magazine.
                                               mobile number:- 07708 906031
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