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Chris Joiner, member number 316 is selling his Midge

My midge is registered as Make = Ginetta, Model = Sports 
It all started back in 1999 when I had many cars and different projects on the go but from what memory I have the was made up from a part built Midge kit I brought and a Ginetta kit car and built one out of the two. The car had a Police inspection for what ever reason and then had a lot of back and forwards with the DVLA to get it sorted.
Once that was all sorted the was eventually road legal and I was able to finally get around to driving the car. The car has been to many car show in it’s time, driving to places like Exeter, Malvern, Newark and Goodwood to mention a few, some where the club had stands but in the early days it was not very well received by the other club members because of my little grandson’s influence and my love of racing our midge ended up with the chrome big wheels at the back and little wheels at the front. This was looked upon as not how a midge should look when we showed it at club shows in the early days. So we took off the midge badge and badged it as Streetmachine and it has stayed like that until today. Easily to change back I have the Midge badges somewhere, then all you would need to do is change the wheels and it would look similar to many other clubs cars.
The car was on the road until I think 2012 when started to work away from home all over the country including travelling around Europe, then house renovations started including a new garage, or the barn as my neighbours call it.
The car was parked up under tarpaulins for many years until finally brought back into the garage where it was left un loved for several years. I would go down and potter with it until finally this year getting it ready for the dreaded MOT but it wasn’t too bad, a bit of trouble with brakes binding and pulling to one side and a couple of other minor issues mainly from not being used.
So it is MOT until 28/11/2023 and is still insured so I can show anyone interested a test drive, although it’s not been out for months.
I think it’s must be worth at least around £2000 or more or a straight £2500 and take it away but everyone likes to haggle, I think it’s worth it from looking at others in the past. As with all cars it could still do with a little dit more work here and there from someone who is enthusiastic and wants to put their own spin on it.
So if you could advertise it anywhere I would be grateful, my details are as follows.
Mobile phone 07909 733291
The car is at home at
16 Kimberley Road 
BH6 5EX 
Open to offers
Ford based 1600
Viewing welcomed and welcomed 
If you need any more information please contact me.

Regards Chris
As secretary and final arbiter I would say this is a fine example of one style of Midge. If you can get it for £2.5k then you've got a bargain. Remember that criticism of a chap's Midge is similar to that of his girlfriend only in this case the appearance can be adjusted to the taste of the new owner  JH