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This isn't a Midge, but the owner thought it was and I managed to identify it for him. Obviously we have similar interests to Arrow owners so I though, since we had the space it would be churlish to ignore him. 
Midge owners shouldn't fret, I'm not intending to make a habit of it.
    Keith Pickstone is interested in selling a car now identified as a Burlington Arrow. The Burlington club doesn't seem as active as us so I thought it only fair that he should have the opportunity to tell us his story. 
He wrote:-
    For sale is my roadster classic car 1300cc (actual 1296cc)
I first thought that it was a Midge Mk 1 roadster but after having a chat with a long-standing Midge owner and MOBC secretary it turns out that my roadster is more likely to be a Burlington Arrow, which is similarly styled but there are differences.
This is NOT a kit car. It's a hand built body using a Triumph Herald 1296cc engine, chassis and bits & bobs (donor car)

It's fun to drive and gets lots of attention but now needs a new home and some more work to make this car even better.
I bought this car as a project and have restored it to make it drivable and roadworthy and to save this classic car.
The chassis is in great condition, the body is wood ply based with aluminium skin so there's no rust on it.
I've bought it for a £970, spent a lot of money on it to get it working and roadworthy (approx £4000, I have receipts)
I had most of the work done professionally at a classic car restorers and some basic work done at my local garage.
I now drive it on the roads, It's in full working order and roadworthy - tax exempt.
It's fun to drive and gets lots of attention but now needs a new home and some more work to make this car complete.
I have all the paperwork and invoices to show to the new owner
It's now drivable on the roads, It's in full working order and roadworthy - UK tax exempt.
everything works, lights, indicators, oil pressure gauge, fuel gauge, rev counter and speedometer
It has a Klaxon Horn - great fun to honk the horn when passers by wave at me.
It has a Wolseley grill and it also has a classic AA badge
All five tyres are in great condition with loads of tread
New Parts I've had fitted:
Brand New Twin carburettors (cost £495)
Brand New Front Brake Callipers (refurbed originals) New Discs and pads.
Brand New air filter pans
Brand new Clutch master cylinder and new slave cylinder
New oil filter
New Throttle cable
New choke cable
Full stainless steel complete exhaust system, won't rust like a standard steel exhaust will (it has a lifetime guarantee but unfortunately it's not transferrable, Rimmers rules)
Newly refurbished radiator
Brand new coil
It's got electric ignition, new distributor cap, new rotor arm, new spark plugs and HT leads
And lots more bits as well, like new brake pipes, flexible hoses, light bulbs, bulb holders etc
Brand new Wiper motor
Things that need doing:
It's by no means perfect and it's not a fully restored mint condition classic. It's up to you if you want to do more work, but as it stands, it's driveable and roadworthy.
There is only one mechanical issue I can think of, the reverse gear, it works but jumps out of gear unless you hold the gear stick.
You can definitely get spare parts from Rimmers or off ebay and other places. Maybe some scrap yards will also have bits you need.
There is a slight oil leak from the sump gasket. I would have this gasket replaced if I was keeping it.
Needs new seats but I drive it with these. They're comfortable enough but they're a tiny bit rusty and the stitching on the vinyl edging has come apart exposing the foam inner.
Needs new seat belts
Does not have the soft top but I do have the soft top frame and the holding brackets and pegs are still on the car and on the windscreen.
The steering wheel (not the steering) needs attention or maybe a new steering wheel
It needs new carpets and side carpet trim
The wooden window frame needs attention
The bonnet, although it works fine could do with perhaps a piano style hinge down the centre so that it hinges both ways. You can open the bonnet on individual sides with the set up that is already in place but the centre support rod is not a hinge, it's just some chrome trim that allows you to lift up the bonnet sides on independently.
The car, runs, drives, and all the brakes, the lights, the horn and dials and indicators work.
It's roadworthy and it's UK road tax exempt
I'm looking to get around £4000 for the vehicle
Please feel free to come and see it and test drive with me but I won't accept ridiculously low priced offers!​

  I have a windscreen and dashtop if anyone wants to make it more Midge like. JH
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