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Ex member no 21 Greg Thomson has decided to consider selling his Midge. It is still registered as a Herald and lives in Dumfriesshire.
He wrote:-
   I built my midge and have had it on the road for most of its life of more than 20 years. Last year I SORNed it. As I am getting a bit long in the tooth now I decided it was time to let it go. I looked on the internet for inspiration on how to dispose of it, and low and behold I discovered that the MOBC was still in existence, somehow I have managed to have removed myself from the communication chain. My number was 021.  I lived in Bristol when I first registered and had MOTs there for a few years. I now live in Dumfriesshire and for nearly 20 years have had Mots, the car being described as a Triumph special. I have just looked at my log book, and it is described as Herald 1200 saloon historic vehicle It is still in quite good condition but I don't have an MOT or insurance. Have you any suggestions, as I would like to see it go to a good home rather than a scrap yard. Greg Thomson
contact through jim hewlett

The numberplate is 'real' but presumably could be transferred if the car went abroad. Pictures seem to have been taken 12th June.
    Don't forget to tell me when something is no longer for sale, or wanted. Otherwise we ​end up with 'cobwebs'.        ​J.H

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