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Midges For Sale
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​ Odette's Midge. CHP 889K If you want to get hold of it I'd suggest immediate action. It'll save me some compiling as the magazine is nearly ready. Anything this good is as rare as hen's teeth, and as you can see very carefully put together. It is in Bedfordshire nr Bedford. At that time Odette wasn't sure of the registration but that's sorted now and there are number-plates. I think Odette may have lost some responses from last time when it was on MOBC facebook, so if you did and got no response then contact me ( or text 07766011877). Obviously she's very attached to the machine but will have to sell soon. We thought £2.5k to £3k was a reasonable suggestion although it looks worth more to me but I promised Fiona I wouldn't buy any more. The wire wheels would be worth most of that. Make a serious offer or I'll reconsider.
It's now properly registered as a JC Midge 
with the original construction date march 1972. Tax and MOT free. It is described as red and on a Spitfire chassis but there is some suggestion it's a T&J chassis which would make it bullet proof. 
Loads of spares, all the bells and whistles.
1100 Burton Ford engine.
I suggest a deposit if you want it held.
    The gear selector stick might have been found and the rear wheel carrier hasn't got a splined mount yet. Good home required, warm garage etc. MOBC members prioritised.